Discount Rules Of DoingPro

DOINGPRO has different types and many styles of jewelry products on the website, with high quality and fast delivery. We can provide you with competitive products in all aspects. We hope to be your best partner, so in addition to providing you with factory prices and quality services to solve any of your problems. Long-term cooperation plans are essential. In order to express our sincerity, we will provide you with discounts to help you get higher profits. If you are in the jewelry business, we are confident to be your best supplier for a long time.

For every customer who has a large demand for products on our website, when you start to buy and have a certain amount of money, in order to support these customers and express our sincerity in cooperation, we will provide this discount. This discount is only for Large orders listed in the table suiguiete:

     LevelThe Total Amount Of OrdersDiscount
      One                 $300   1%
      Two                $600   5%
    Three                $1500   8%
     Four                $3000   10%
      Five                $6000   15%

When you successfully register and place an order and check out, the system will automatically discount.The system will automatically select a larger discount for you.

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When you place an order, the system will automatically help you deduct $5.

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