30-Day No-Reason Money-Back Guarantee To Protect Your Rights To The Greatest Extent.

Buying a large number of jewelry products should provide you with the greatest guarantee.
In the absence of man-made damage to the goods, you will have the right to return the goods for 30 days without reason. Hope you have a good shopping. Before sending each order, we will carefully check each product to ensure the integrity of the product before delivery.
This is also our performance of respecting and caring for each customer.

We hope you like Doingpro jewelry products, so we offer you the right to return the goods for 30 days without reason. The latest styles in the store are our highest respect for our customers. As a repeat customer, we are willing to provide unreasonable return and exchange requirements for unpackaged products to win your trust.

We are sorry that we cannot reach an agreement on this transaction, and we regret the inconvenience and dissatisfaction this transaction has caused you. We hope you can visit again next time you need it. We will definitely serve you as soon as possible.

Again, you need to inform us of your return and refund requirements so that we can accurately know your requirements, and the notification must be submitted to our mailbox, including your order number, style number, return instructions and product pictures for us solve your problem as soon as possible.

Please note, please note that if you have any problems the first time you receive the product, please contact us to solve it in time. Sincerity is supreme.